February 25, 2016

Paradise Residence

ParaResi - Chapter 20 Download | Read Online
Only one chapter to go...

It seems Fujishima Kousuke has a new series starting in spring. We'll be picking it up...

February 21, 2016

Paradise Residence

Only two more chapters to go!

As a special bonus, we've scanned the prequel "zero" chapters too.
(Explanation: the short zero chapters ran sporadically in Good Afternoon, the main series ran in Afternoon.as full length chapters)

ParaResi - chapter 19 Download | Read Online
ParaResi - Volume Zero Download | Read Online

February 2, 2016

Sorry to keep you waiting!

Captain Alice - Chapter 06                               Download | Read Online
Kyoukai no Rinne - Chapter 211                        Download | Read Online
Ryuushika Ryuushika - Chapter 50 (first half)      Download | Read Online