December 31, 2012

Kyoukai no Rinne - Chapter 128

Happy new year's eve, everyone! Or for some of you, happy new year!
And with the conclusion to 2012, we've got the conclusion to Volume 13 of Kyoukai no Rinne here today~

Hope you're all doing well :)

Link: Kyoukai no Rinne Chapter 128 - Download | Read Online

December 24, 2012

Christmas Updates~

Happy Holidays, everyone! Are you having a good Christmas Eve? :)
In lieu of the holiday spirit, we've brought you a Christmas-themed chapter of Kyoukai no Rinne~

Additionally, we're celebrating the release of the first chapter of a new series, Sakura Juuyuushi, by the author of Hadashi de Bara wo Fume!

Enjoy yourself, everyone, and have a great day! ^_^

Links: Kyoukai no Rinne Chapter 127 - Download | Read Online
              Sakura Juuyuushi Chapter 1 - Download | Read Online

December 17, 2012

Kyoukai no Rinne + Hatoful Boyfriend

I'd like everyone to give a warm welcome to our new typesetter, demon8796, who's done a wonderful job on his first try with Chapter 126 of Rinne \(^o^)/

Along with a double release of Kyoukai no Rinne, we've also got Chapter 7 of Hatoful Boyfriend, featuring Narcolepsy-sensei! That means there's just Okosan left to go! Saving the best for last, I see, Moa ;]

Links: Kyoukai no Rinne Chapter 125 - Download | Read Online
                                                    Chapter 126 - Download | Read Online
              Hatoful Boyfriend Chapter 7 - Download | Read Online

December 11, 2012

Kagerou Days Chapter 6

Hey guys,

This chapter is actually out quite late, but it's finally here! Chapter 6 of Kagerou Days for your enjoyment~

This chapter actually got me thinking: What is the significance of eye powers in anime/manga? What makes them so popular?  I mean you've got Kagerou Days, and then you have Code Geass, Naruto, D. Gray-man, Death Note...etc.  If you have any opinions on this, let me know!

Until next time~

Links: Download | Read Online

December 7, 2012

Updates (Finally!)

Hi everyone, I know we've been keeping you waiting, but here's another arc of Rinne, "The Tragedy of M" out for you!

Also, it's a bit late, but I realize I never released an announcement for Chapter 5 of Kagerou Days when it came out, so here's the link for that, too.

Links: Kyoukai no Rinne Chapter 123 - Download | Read Online
                                                    Chapter 124 - Download | Read Online
              Kagerou Days Chapter 5 - Download | Read Online

December 4, 2012

Progress Report

Hi guys, it's been a few weeks with no releases and it's a busy time of year for us staff members, but I'm sure you're all impatient, so I figured I'd assure you of how hard we're working, when we're not swamped by real life obligations:
  • Akai Hanataba: Chapter 1 - translating
  • Chou yo Hana yo: Chapter 29 - cleaning
  •                                       Chapter 30 - translating
  • Hatoful Boyfriend: up to date
  • Kagerou Days: Chapter 6 - typesetting
  • Kyoukai no Rinne: Chapter 123 - QCing
  •                                         Chapter 124 - QCing
                                            Chapter 125 - typesetting
                                            Chapter 126 - typesetting
                                            Chapter 127 - typesetting
                                            Chapter 128 - translating
  • Sakura Juuyuushi: Chapter 1 - typesetting
  • Senmu no Inu: Chapter 4 - typesetting
    •                     Chapter 5 - typesetting
                          Chapter 6 - translating
  • Ultimate Venus - Chapter 28 - typesetting
    •                          Chapter 29 - translating
Thanks for all your support, and please be patient, because releases are coming out soon~