April 28, 2014

Paradise Residence

Here's another Fujishima Kousuke series we've picked up.
I've been helping Goddess Miyaku Team translate Ah! Megami-sama recently, but that series finished last week.

Replacing it in Afternoon is another Fujishima series that's been on hiatus for a couple of years: Paradise Residence. Here's a couple of old chapters that were released a while ago, and the next new chapter (chapter 09) comes out next month. So I'll be working on Paradise Residence and Kotonoba Drive from Afternoon.


Paradise Residence chapter 07 download | read online
Paradise Residence chapter 08 download | read online

I'll release ch02 of You're Under Arrest! pretty soon too.

Futari Ecchi

Ready for your weekly dose of ecchi?

Futari Ecchi - chapter 193 download | read online

April 27, 2014

Kotonoba Drive

Happy birthday!
Ashinano Hitoshi turned 51 on April 25th, so as a special bonus I've included his Ah! Megami-sama conclusion tribute at the end of the chapter.

This month on KD, Suu-chan takes a bus-ride to explore the unknown...

Kotonoba Drive - Chapter 04 Download  | Read Online

April 26, 2014

Special A -Street Fight- Omake

And with this, Special A is happily ended once again! No HikarixKei wedding, but it's sweet and silly all the same! A big thanks to Dmacjason for making this scanlation project happen, and Renna, for her wonderful translations, and to everyone else who worked on this series, as well as the readers for reading! Please continue to support us! Thank you! X3

Links: Download | Read Online

April 25, 2014

New Series - You're Under Arrest!

As some of you may know, I also translate Ah! Megami-sama for Goddess Miyaku Team. That series is now finished (I'm translating the final chapter this very second!) so I'm going to tackle a couple of his other series: You're Under Arrest! and Paradise Residence. Paradise Residence will be replacing Ah! Megami-sama as Fujishima-sensei's new monthly series in Afternoon.

You're Under Arrest! - Chapter 01 download  |  read online

April 21, 2014

Kagerou Daze Chapter 22

Sorry for keeping everyone waiting!
Here's chapter 22 of Kagerou Daze, and a big thanks to Moustache Scans again for their hard work! >w<
Has anyone been watching the anime?? What are your thoughts on it? :D

Links: Download | Read Online

April 13, 2014

Futari Ecchi 192!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Folks

How is everyone doing. I'm back and doing fine was sick but pulled through just for yall so with out further delay here is what yall was waiting for Futari Ecchi Baby!!!!!!!!!!

Links: Download | Read Online

Sayonara Nippon

And another Otomo Katsuhiro release, continuing from where Kaichou! & The Rabbit Reich left off.

Sayonara Nippon - Chapter 05:                     download | read online

We've been busy beavers behind the scenes, toiling away on several Otomo series.

1/ Sayonara Nippon has been cleaned, and Chapter 06 is being typeset now.

2/ I managed to track down all the magazines that contain the uncollected series Apple Paradise, which has also been totally cleaned and is getting translated as we speak.

3/ I found copies of the out of print Good Weather and  Boogie Woogie Waltz anthologies. Expect that plus Highway Star soonish!

April 7, 2014

April 6, 2014

Kyoukai no Rinne

Right and Left from the Mikazuki store have a new product for sale...

Kyoukai no Rinne - Chapter 183          Download | read online

April 5, 2014

Ryuushika Ryuushika

Here's the rest of volume 07, plus a v2 of chapter 40 with a much smaller filesize.

Volume 08 comes out on April 28th, so expect more Ryuushika soon after.

If you're an ABe Yoshitoshi fan, NieA_7 chapter 04 is coming soon, and I've got a handful of his doujins (I Am an Alien. I Have a Question./ Pochiyama at the Pharmacy) waiting to be translated.

Ryuushika Ryuushika
chapter 40 (v2):              download | read online
chapter 41:                    download | read online
chapter 42:                    download | read online

Chapter 01:                  download | read online
Chapter 02:                  download | read online
Chapter 03:                  download | read online
Chapter 3b:                  download | read online

April 2, 2014

Hatoful Boyfriend Overload! Overflow! EX

So this has been out since December, but I totally forgot it existed until now.  Moa released her Hatoful Boyfriend manga on the Kindle store! It's got chapters 13-16 and a whole lot of new art! It only costs $3 so if you're interested, do support her for her brilliant work? ;]

Here is the link to the Amazon site: http://www.amazon.com/Hatoful-Boyfriend-Overload-Overflow-EX-ebook/dp/B00IF542LK/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

April 1, 2014


In case you all didn't know, Japan is rather fond of April Fool's Day, and the staff in charge of Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun are no different! Thus, here is the official PV for the upcoming otome game that all the boys are raving about, Secret Days♡! The official site is gone now, but here is the PV for the game!

Creds to zcatcracker for all info in this post!
Human Tanuki!
Now, for translations: Under Character Introduction, they understand you. If you don't have your guy type right there, you've got no drive to fall in love. But never fear! Secret Days♡ features around the same number of living men in-game—that's right, 3.6 billion! The ones on-site are main characters.


The secret characters are Mikoshiba Kotomi and Umeno Sakitarou (basically Mikorin and Nozaki).

Here, Umeno is secretly an otome game developer. He might recruit you as his assistant, and perhaps the more you debug, the more intimate you become...♡

Shortly after release, the responses were so overwhelming that they crashed the servers! They managed to salvage a few, though!
N-saki: Basically identical comments from chapter 32, but apparently the Saotome character (the blonde tsundere) was the sakura fairy.

W-matsu: He can't even eat pickled plums after the experience.

H: "Like I thought, Kashima is more ikemen than these guys."

M-koshiba: Complained that the cast setup was too weak, how the difference between the facade vs. their true natures were basically weaksauce. Hard to sympathize with heroine because she was emotionally too flighty. And during Okada (the glasses character)'s date scene, he kept saying, "I'm nervous, this is the first time I called you to my house..." and that was SO annoying! "I went to your house 20 times! Keep track of your flags, damn it!"

Also, the Gangan Online website was entirely revamped into Gekkan Shoujo Romance:
It even has Maeno's blog:

And here are some posts from the mangaka Izumi Tsubaki's twitter...

Animate Shinjuku officially helped out, too:

BONUS: If you are a fan of Izumi-sensei's other series, Oresama Teacher, she made a fighting game for April Fool's Day as well: