December 22, 2011

Chapter 21 Delayed

I know I said I'd get Chapter 21 of Ultimate Venus out within a month, but unfortunately, I've been very busy this month with finals and preparing for the holidays and such, so it'll be late.  Sorry! T.T

November 28, 2011

Ultimate Venus Chapter 20

Chapter 20 is out! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
I forgot to include a credits page this time, but the scans are, as always, from greenleaf1309.  Translation and editing by me :)

Link to download:
Ultimate Venus - Chapter 20

November 10, 2011

Ultimate Venus - Chapter 19! :D

My first public release! After uploading it onto Mangafox, I noticed a bunch of mistakes I missed. Proofreading is harder than I thought... -.-"

Link to download:
Ultimate Venus - Chapter 19